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Prom 2017

This Prom Season of 2017 has been awesome and inspiring. I amazed myself by making 22 custom ordered dresses - Haute Couture. Of course there were a few clients who were indecisive, making the process difficult but there were many who were extremely great to work with. 

A few wanted to change their style afterwards, one took their dress to another seamstress to change the bottom and two that didn't wear their dresses. There were a few that wanted different things added to their style. But then there were many who were great to work with, who knew what they wanted and was pleased when they got it. Some even hung around to see the actual sewing process. They made the experience so fun. 😀 I even gained new friends. At times when some of them came to their fitting appointment they shed tears because they couldn't believe how amazing their dress looked and how it fitted them so well and made them look exquisite. 

Some dresses took 2 hours to make while others were quite intricate and took up to 8 hours. I made some at home and some in my design shop. I even postponed my Bday celebrations on June 30 to work and make sure these girls were stepping out to prom in style the following night. I've seen sadness, joy, tears, confidence, diva attitude, gratitude. When I saw the final photos, I could not help but to feel proud and boasting. These girls were soo gorgeous 😍😍😍. I still can't believe I made some of those dresses 🙌🏼. My Girls Totally Slayed!!! 🔥

All in all it was a great experience. Thank you for choosing me and Kiwie Dan Couture to make your dreams come true ❤️ 

Take a look at the Dresses...... :)

Gold Sequin Mermaid Tail Gown layered with black Embroidered Lace. Featuring deep split at front bust. Halter Neck and Opened Back. Black Organza Puffy Mermaid Tail

Royal Blue Mermaid Tail Gown layered with Gold sequin patches. Gold embroidered lace back. Puffed out Mermaid tail

I call it 'the Million Dollar Dress'. She sure looks like it. Nude Mermaid Tail Gown adorned with White/Silver Embroidered lace and rhinestones. Button closure at back. Long Sleeves.

Hot Pink Mermaid Tail Gown with Long train with Embroidery at base. Featuring an X back, V-neck and lower back zipper. Pink fabric and feathers corsage on hand.

Red Mermaid Gown with Long Train. Nude front bust covered with red appliques in select areas. Halter Top. Opened upper back. Red mesh at Side and front lower thighs. Organza Ruffled mermaid tail.

Red Lace flared gown with a nude mesh separation from Mimi dress to long dress. Featuring an Opened V- Back and sleeves.

Royal Blue Mermaid Tail Gown with Long Train. Featuring embroidered bust and embroidery appliques splattered on the mermaid tail. Open Back with triangle strap design. 

Red Satin Mermaid Tail Gown with total floor coverage. Features Gold Embroidered Lace at front bust in deep V with red straps. Opened back. Gold Rhinestones around knee

Burgandy Mermaid Gown with Long train. Featuring a nude mesh front bust layered with Burbandy Lace Appliques and Swarovski Crystals. Opened V- Back.

Burgandy Long Sleeved Mermaid Dress with long train featuring Gold Appliques 

Red Mermaid Tail Gown layered with gold embroidered lace. Pleated mermaid tail with full floor coverage.

Pink Dashiki Print Mermaid tail dress with long train and purple lace top 

Royal Blue Mermaid Tail Gown with Triangle back. Gold Embroidered Lace on front bust.

Lime Green Embroidered Mermaid Tail Dress with train. Features long sleeves and side cut out

Red Mermaid Tail Gown with Long train. Features Top and long sleeves of red mesh fabric layered with red designed appliques. Full covered back. 

Silvery Grey Mermaid Gown. Featuring an opened back with semi-triangle designed straps. Silver mesh at front bust layered with Grey/Silver appliques. Skirt area layered with appliques at back. Floral layered Mermaid tail

Royal Blue Embroidered Lace Gown with Chiffon Overlay and high split.